Inspiring Story: Victorious Living, Free In Christ


Wen Qiang, the main character in this inspiring story, was marked as cursed, given away at age seven by his own family, and no one believed he would live past the age of 30. In the Chinese culture, many people believe that adversities in life are “fate” or “destiny.” Fortune tellers are relied upon heavily. Those who think their lives are cursed seek out many ways to try and bring fortune and rid misfortune.

Inspiring Story Victorious Living Free In Christ

Movie premiere of “A Dream Team” shares inspiring story of victorious living and freedom in Christ!

What they do not realize is that victorious living comes from knowing that God is the true master of life!

In an article in the Gospel Herald about a gospel movie called “A Dream Team,” the story is told of Wen Qiang as he deals with the struggle of believing he’s cursed and the fear of dying before age 30. The movie was produced by The Media Evangelism Limited, and attempts to unveil the secrets of what many call “fate” and provide a message of hope and victorious living in Christ.

Days before his 30th birthday, Wen Qiang receives a vision from God and discovers a bottle of “Water of Life.” His adventures and battles with evil powers makes for an exciting movie.

Inspiring Story

“At last, Wen Qiang found renewed strength, and with faith, he fought off the evil spirits with the “Water of Life”. He was no longer afraid of dying, and on the contrary, he risked his life to save the others. He survived his 30th year without event, and thus was reborn in Christ, where he continued to live a free and victorious life…”

The CEO shares a message with the audience at the movie premiere…

“Andrew Man-Fai Yuen, the CEO of The Media Evangelism Limited and the producer of “A Dream Team”, shared with the audience the message of this movie: many people think that their lives are cursed, and thus use many ways to try and bring fortune and rid misfortune. What they do not realize is that God is the true master of life. God loves man, even to send his only son Jesus Christ to be cursed and crucified for man, so that man may have the chance to be reborn, and to live a life of freedom.”

“Yuen encouraged the audience to ponder on what it is to be “reborn”. The meaning of “reborn” is to “start over again”. Jesus came to this world, and met many people including tax collectors, fishermen, and prostitutes. These people all had different past experiences, including those experiences that one would rather not be reminded of. However, God said, “You can start over again”. Every man’s life is plagued by various regrets and incidences that cannot be undone. For instance, the debts that we owe our family, friends, and colleagues, or the things that we cannot control, such as which family, environment, or parents we are born into are just a few to name. But, God has known us since we are in our mothers’ wombs, has counted every strand of our hair, and does not ignore our tears or our ideas. Although we cannot predict our future, God knows our life span. Every person who has met God, regardless of their past experiences, can live life over again.” (read full article here)

Find out more about this inspiring story of the Chinese Christian film premiere of “The Dream Team.” (find out more here)

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