Christian Meditation – The Power of Devotional Time With God

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Christian Meditation is important to Christians – even when they are on vacation. Right?

Pastor Jonathan Rockey offered some great encouragement in the “Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman” Faith section the other day.

Christian Mediation Devotional Time with GOD

Christian Meditation Encouragement – The power of devotional time with God, even when away from home!

We all know that school is now out, summer is here, and many families are traveling and taking vacations. Pastor Rockey encourages us to make devotional time with God, even when away from home.

Christian Meditation – Devotional Time With God

Read an excerpt of the pastor’s encouragement…

“How about your time away? If you can’t attend worship, why not consider intentionally planning a time of personal or family devotions?

While devotions do not give you time with God’s people for encouragement the same way worship does, God nevertheless strengthens us and feeds our faith in his word. It is good for God’s people to use this gift of God daily. But when we are away and cannot gather with the people of God, I find it good to plan a time of devotion, which can include Bible reading, discussion, prayer and maybe even singing.

God tells us we need time to rest. Especially during the summer months, it seems that time takes us away from home, but we don’t want to take a vacation from God. He is always with us. Before you leave, why not consider materials you can bring so that you and the family get to keep strong your faith in God’s love for you? If you want some ideas, contact me. I might even have some to share.” (read more)

Give back some encouragement to Pastor Jonathan Rockey by reading his complete article and Liking, Tweeting, and Sharing this wisdom with others…

~ Be Inspired to Be an Inspiration ~

Do you put God on the back burner when you are away from home?

If not, what forms of Christian Meditation, devotions, and/or worship do you purposely plan?

Let us know in the comments below. Thanks & God Bless You!




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