21 Things Young Wives Need to Know!

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21 things young wives need to knowHow would you like 21 tips for a great marriage?

If you are a new wife looking for some encouragement and advice from a happily married woman who is celebrating 21 years of marriage then keep reading.

I came across this article by Lisa Jacobson published over at The Time-Warp Wife.

It is simple and direct and very empowering

21 Things Young Wives Need to Know!


21 Things I Want to Tell Younger Wives ~ Time-Warp Wife …

So here I am wondering what I could offer and the advice that I’d give. What has worked and what’s helped us through the hard times?

Lisa goes on to say…

Since we’re celebrating our 21st anniversary – by the grace of God – here are 21 things I’d tell you…


1. Hold hands whenever you can. We do and always have. We’ll clasp hands when sitting next to each other on the couch, while we’re driving along in the car, and when we’re out walking. A simple connecting that goes a long way.


2.  Pray for him every day. Faithfully. What better gift than to offer up a prayer for him? Ask God to bless him, protect him, and work in his life.


3.  Look for the many ways to love on him. Small gifts and thoughtful gestures.  Those little things that say, I love you and I’m thinking of you.


4.  Make friends with people who’ll encourage your marriage. Surround yourself with those who will support and pray for you both as you grow together.

Read all 21 tips here

And then… after you discover 21 Things Young Wives Need to Know, you can find out more about Lisa Jacobson and her family by heading over to Club31Women.com.

You are sure to pick up some inspiration and encouragement when you are there! 🙂

~ May you be inspired to be an inspiration! ~

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