Biblical Roots: Power of a Strong Foundation

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Biblical roots build strong foundations. There is power in the scriptures. The Bible is the Living Word of God!

Individuals and families, that have built the foundation of their lives based on God’s Word, see the rewards of their time spent in the Word through several generations after their own. In the good times and the bad they continue to hold a power to stand victorious through it all.

But what about Christianity today? Unfortunately, there are not only signs of the foundation cracking, but it is crumbling in places.

biblical roots

Biblical Roots: building a strong foundation and keeping it strong – united through God’s Word!

John Ring, in an article at, titled “We have fallen asleep at the wheel of Christianity” states:

“We have to realize we are on the floor and down for the count. We need the intervention of our Redeemer. We need Him to awaken our sleeping souls and minds. Our enemy has done their homework. We have to do ours.” (read complete article here)

Biblical Roots

We need to wake up and live as Christians with the power of God’s Word active in our lives…

Putting on the appearance of Christianity does more harm than good.

We need to wake up and get back to basic biblical roots in order to keep the foundation strong.

There seems to be a false knowledge of the Bible, simply because there is so much information and commentary online these days. Reading an occasional devotional or randomly looking up a subject in question, to discover another’s thoughts on the issue…does not replace daily reading and study of the Bible. When we ask what went wrong with the generation of today – I believe it is the lack of a strong foundation and the lack of demonstration of how to build one.

But – Just so there’s no doubt in your mind…

there is always a new beginning. With God’s grace we can get powered up and strengthen that foundation for years to come!

In, guest columnist Dr. Michael Youssef, shared some similar thoughts in an article titled: “America’s Christian Roots.” He shares how the laws and values of the USA are rooted in the Bible, regardless of those who try to say otherwise.

In the U.S. Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers acknowledged God as their country’s Divine Protector.

In an 1844 U.S. Supreme Court case, the Court said, “Why may not the Bible and especially the New Testament be read and taught as a divine revelation in the [school]?…Where else can the purest principles of morality be learned so clearly or so perfectly as from the New Testament?” (source)

I recommend reading the whole article by Dr. Youssef here.

Do you agree we need to get back to our biblical roots to unite and let biblically based ideals be the strong foundation of our lives and country?

Why not let the Word of God come alive in your life and be a shining example to your children and your children’s children?

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