Christian Encouragement: Love and Let Go

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One of our main goals here at, is to offer inspiration and encouragement in different forms and from a variety of resources. Today the message is on Christian Encouragement Love.

In particular, we are looking at a message from the site Encouragement for Christians. This message is a great reminder of the power of encouragement with love, while at the same time knowing when to let go and step back.

Christian Encouragement Love

Christian Encouragement Love

Christian Encouragement: Love

Encouragers are God’s water boys (and water girls); He has us positioned skillfully along life’s pathway. Our singular purpose is to encourage the beleaguered Christian to put one foot in front of the other, to continue believing God for their miracle. We point towards the cross, leading our sisters and brothers to victory.  We are not saviors. We are not miracle workers, nor should we try to “fix” anything in the natural. When the time comes, we must let go, stepping back from our place alongside the Christian and allow the Holy Spirit to take up the charge. (read more of this message here)

The tough part is when we over step our boundaries of encouragement, after the time has come to step back and let go. We need to acknowledge that we have our place and God has His!

Christian Encouragement: Love and Let Go

Human encouragers, like you and I, must love and let go so God’s Spirit can step in to finish the work. It’s better to build strong Christians than dependent ones that resent you in the end because they feel as if you have failed them. Keep pointing to Jesus. He will never fail the discouraged. (read more of this message here)

“Honor all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.”
1 Peter 2:17

It is great to encourage others and it is great to be helpful and feel needed. The key is, our Christian encouragement in love is meant to empower our brothers and sisters; so they can be successful by first and foremost turning to God as their source. And then, they too will be empowered to encourage those in need around them.

May you be inspired to be an inspiration!

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