Compassionate Heart of Young Runner – Inspirational Video

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This video on Godtube is truly inspiring when you see the compassionate heart of this young runner!

Too often we see and hear of all the struggles our young people are going through these days, so it is extra encouraging and hopeful to hear stories like this one. Meghan Vogel carries her injured rival across the finish line – inspiring sportsmanship rarely heard of!

Compassionate Heart – Inspirational Video


Compassionate Heart - Inspirational Video

Compassionate runner has big heart! Click to watch this inspirational video on Godtube. (opens in new window)


It’s not where you finish–it’s how you finish. In a beautiful act of selflessness, Meghan Vogel shows us the kind of compassion and sportsmanship that God intended. When her competitor collapsed just ahead of her, she didn’t think twice to come to her aid to ensure she reached the finish line that she worked so hard to cross…even if it meant she finished last. This incredible gesture will leave your heart FILLED with joy today! (read all the comments to the video here)


She has a big compassionate heart don’t you think?

~ Be Inspired to Be an Inspiration ~

Would you have done what she did if you were in her place?

Enjoy this video, share and let us know what you think below…



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