Mister Rogers Still Inspiring Others in “Garden of Your Mind” Video

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Mister Rogers is still inspiring others, and his fame has quickly grown to a new level worldwide after he was featured in a remix video posted on Youtube a few days ago. An article on wistv.com pointed out that this video with the song “Garden of Your Mind” went viral, and had nearly a million views after being uploaded for about a day.

Mister Rogers Still Inspiring Others

An excerpt from the article at wistv.com had this to say…

The video is a montage of clips from Mister Roger’s Neighborhood put together in a song that many people are finding inspirational. The video ask listeners if they’ve ever “grown anything in the garden of your mind?”

The video is not a rip-off of Mister Rogers, it was actually sanctioned and requested by PBS Digital Studios, according to the group’s YouTube and Twitter accounts.

The video was remixed, with use of the popular “Auto-tuning” feature, by Symphony of Science’s John Boswell.

“You can grow ideas, in the garden of your mind,” the video sings. (read complete story here)

Watch the inspirational video tribute to Fred Rogers…

Were you a Mister Rogers Neighborhood fan growing up?

If so, share your memories…



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