Inspiring Christians: Daniel Reinke Walking By Faith


This story is about one of many Inspiring Christians and is the journey of Daniel Reinke Walking by Faith.

Reinke shares on his blog that he felt called to go on a pilgrimage.  This 25 year old plans to walk coast to coast across the country, offering up prayers and hardships of the journey, for the intention that Christians will take their faith seriously.  His hope is to inspire others to take a leap of faith with him in their everyday lives.

Daniel Reinke was interviewed by Steve Woodhouse and the article was published in Ottumwacourier:

“This journey began with the goal of inspiring Christians to practice what they preach, to put their faith in God and allow HIM to provide. Thus far, God has provided for Reinke. “It’s been amazing how people have been so helpful,” Reinke said. Whether …” – read the full article and interview in the Ottumwacourier titled Reinke Walking by Faith

Inspiring Christians: Daniel Reinke Walking by Faith

Daniel share the following on his blog (

“I realize we all have different calls in life, whether it’s religious life, marriage, or the single life.  I am not asking for you to change your vocation, but to take your faith to the next level.”

And Daniel continues:

“I plan to walk about 3,000 miles, plus or minus, depending on God’s plan for me.  I will be updating this blog along the way for you to follow.  I ask only two things:  1.)  Please pray for me as I will be praying for you.  2.)  Take your faith seriously and help others to do the same.” – Daniel Reinke

You can follow journey of Daniel Reinke Walking by Faith at
Daniel Reinke has the following quote featured on his blog:
“Enthusiasm in one man ignites the same Fire in another.”
– St. Augustine
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