Inspirational Story: Love at First Site

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Love at first site. That is just what author Hallee Bridgeman unexpectedly discovered.

After much heartache and turmoil in her life, Hallee was struggling to put the pieces back together for her and her daughter. Having a man in her life, and starting a new relationship, was the last thing on her mind.

But as many of us have discovered, our plans are not God’s plans – and God loves to bless His children.

Love at First Site

Love at First Site


Love at First Site


It is one of those things many people question and wonder if it is so… that is until they experience it themselves.

I came across Hallee’s romantic story and found it really inspiring. Here is a woman facing many emotional, physical, and financial challenges that get dumped on her plate. Yet she doesn’t give up. She stays busy, positive, and moving forward.

And then one day, while focused on getting her computer fixed… along comes Gregg.

Here is what Hallee had to say about it…

“Until that moment in time, I would have said that “love at first sight” was something romance writers like me just used as a plot launch. I would never, ever have believed it to be a real “thing”. But I can tell you in all honesty right now, I fell in love with Gregg the moment we met, and that love has done nothing but multiply over the years.” (read full story)

You’ll very much enjoy reading this true story of Hallee’s romantic encounter of love at first site. You’ll find it on her blog here along with their romantic photos and details of their “happily ever after.”

Hallee Bridgeman lives in in Kentucky and is the author of Christian Romance novels.

If you or a friend are looking for a good romantic read, then be sure and checkout Hallee’s book line-up at Amazon.


~ Be Inspired to Be an Inspiration! ~

Do you believe in love at first site?

Share with us why or why not and if you have a story to tell – we’d love to here it!




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