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Here at Inspired Christian we like to bring stories of hope, encouragement and inspiration… and today’s report of a healing cancer naturally testimonial is meant to do just that!

Cancer survivor Christina Pirello tells her story of natural healing, with an exclusive interview, over at Renegade Health. I found this very interesting and encouraging – and it includes the audio of the interview for easy listening online.

Christina Pirello Whole Foods Cookbook

Christina Pirello Whole Foods Cookbook

Christina was only 26 when she was diagnosed with terminal leukemia, and the cancer had already advanced to an acute stage by the time it was identified.

Healing Cancer Naturally Testimonial

Christina had been helping her mom for two years, while her mother was battling colon cancer. Her mom passed away at the age of 49. Six months later, at the age of 26, Christina received her diagnosis of terminal, stage four, leukemia with only six months to live!

Doctors offered her no cure – only the hope of extending her life a little.

She needed time to think, and really didn’t want to go the traditional cancer treatment route, especially after seeing what her mom just went through.

She was packing up to head to Italy when a co-worker confronted her and asked her if she was going to give up without a fight. He referred her to a guy he knows that “eats weird food” and claims this diet cures cancer. He challenged her to consider what she had to lose by giving the food diet a try.

“When he said that, I thought, he’s kinda right. I have nothing to lose.” (listen to the complete interview)

Christina meets Robert Pirello, who teaches her about a macrobiotic diet (and who also by-the-way becomes her husband).

To the amazement of Christina’s doctors, she quickly improved after only a couple months of eating only beans, grains, and vegetables – and in 14 months her cancer was gone!

Her audio interview is only about 15 minutes, but is packed full of information and I highly recommend taking some time to go listen. (listen to the complete interview)

Christina has an extensive bio from author, cooking show host, to founder of a non-profit, and much, much more. To find out more, check out Christina Pirello’s website here.

To check out her book line-up at Amazon, go here.

This interview was encouraging to me. However, I was left feeling sad for the lack of acknowledgment and thanks to God. After reading and listening to this interview, I couldn’t help but see a miracle of God… not only in providing a healing, but in the miracle of how He created our bodies and their ability to heal. I also see how God blessed her with a husband, and a purpose for her life that will help others!

“Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever.”
1 Chronicles 16:34 NIV

Did you enjoy this healing cancer naturally testimonial?

If so, pass it on. You may help save a life – literally!

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