Brand New Hallelujah by Lisa McClowry is Pleasing Christian Music Listeners

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Brand New Hallelujah by Lisa McClowry is her debut single release in the Gospel/Inspirational market… and it is pleasing Christian music lovers!

Lisa McClowry is a talented and gifted artist with a four octave range and a signature vocal style. The Brand New Hallelujah song is also the first video release from Lisa’s latest album, “Lisa McClowry Sings Acoustic Alchemy”.

Brand New Hallelujah by Lisa McClowry



Breathcast, in their article ““Brand New Hallelujah” Introduces Lisa McClowry to a New World of Christian Music Listeners” had this to say:

For the artist, the inspiration behind releasing the new single is a very personal one.  Growing up in Chicago in the nurturing environment of a loving Irish Catholic family, Lisa admits to deep roots of faith that have sustained her throughout her life. She openly gives God the total glory for the gift of music that has been so lavishly given to her.

She feels “Brand New Hallelujah”  was yet another creative gift.  “The song is adapted from the instrumental song ‘Passionelle’ and I was in love with the melody even before I heard the lyrics,” Lisa noted in a recent interview.  “To me, every day is a reason for a ‘brand new hallelujah’-it’s a message of hopefulness that I think is universal.” (read more here)



Enjoy Brand New Hallelujah and share your thoughts below…




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